ENVO Flex Overland

ENVO Flex Trike

ENVO D35 Dual Sport

ENVO ST Dual Sport

ENVO Lynx Folding 20"


  • Discover the power and versatility of the D50/ST50-The SUV of EBikes.
  • This ultimate powerhouse ebike is perfect for both commuting and hauling cargo.
  • Its rugged and sturdy frame ensures it can handle any terrain, whether it's a smooth city street or a bumpy off-road trail.
  • Experience a smooth and effortless ride thanks to its powerful 750W electric motor.
  • Make your daily commute a breeze with its spacious cargo rack, you can easily transport your belongings or run errands with ease.


  • Sitdown, semi-enclosed e-trike developed to be the ultimate e-vehicle for daily commuting and general utility.
  • Features a unique design with two wheels in front and one in the rear, which adds stability over the traditional three-wheeled bike design.
  • To protect riders from the elements, it includes a full front windshield and a hard plastic roof which curve around the rider cockpit slightly for added weather protection.
  • An open rear window and side door openings help keep weight and cost down while allowing for quick entry/exit and full ventilation.