Q. Do I need a license to ride an electric bike?

A. No. You do not need a license to ride a Corratec electric bike or mid drive electric bike.


Q. Do I need to register an electric bike?

A. No. Under Australian law Corratec electric bikes are classified as ordinary bikes, and therefore it is not necessary to register your electric bike.


Q. How far can I travel on one full charged battery?

A. The distance traveled on one full charged battery depends on several factors, including the gradient of the hills on your route, the speed, the rider's weight, the pressure in the tyres and the amount of pedal assistance given. 

An approximate estimate is anywhere between 60 to 120 plus kilometers depending on battery capacity and level of assist.


Q. What happens if the battery goes flat while I'm riding?

A. If the battery goes flat, you can ride your Corratec electric bicycle like any other traditional bicycle


Q. How fast will my electric bike go?

A. The speed varies depending on several factors, for example: tyre pressure, weight of rider, force/direction of wind, battery condition and amount of pedal assistance given.

Corratec electric bicycle can travel at roughly 25~27km/h with pedal assistance mode. This speed can vary depending on the level of pedal assistance given and how fast you pedal.


Q. What is the running cost?

A. Running cost vary depending on a variety of factors including battery size, terrain, rider's weight etc. A general estimate is around 15 to 30 cents per full charge.


Q. What maintenance is involved?

A. Besides the recharging of the battery there is very little maintenance required. We advise that you clean and lubricate your bicycle at regular intervals, especially the surface of the motor, controller and gears. ( refer to the manual )


Q. When should I re-charge the battery?

A. We suggest that you recharge the battery after each usage. It is recommended that you don't run the battery to empty.


Q. How do I re-charge the battery?

A. A battery and CE/Aus Tick ' Australia Standard' charger is included with every Corratec electric bike sold.


Q. How long does it take to recharge the battery?

A. A full recharge take up to 6 hours or 2-3 hours to recharge from half full.


Q. Are electric bikes safe?

A. Study carried out in Germany have shown that electric bikes are actually safer than a traditional bicycle. 

The study showed that riders of electric bikes could keep up with the traffic flow more easily and were less likely to take the risks that a traditional cyclists take in order to maintain their speed. 

Riders of an electric bike know that they can easily control, accelerate and decelerate the speed with minimal effort, and thus encourages safer and more defensive riding. 


Any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email us.


FACTS ON YOUR CORRATEC - Powered by Bosch 


1. Powered by Bosch System

Corratec electric bikes are powered by Bosch motor power assist center mount system.

2. Triple Sensor System

Bosch center mount system has a triple sensor that is continuous assistance under every riding condition to support the bike rider.

3. Multi function Display

Bosch mid drive System comes with three option of Display panels. The Intuvia is the most used display for Corratec E-bikes.

4. Two Type of Battery Pack

400Wh Standard or upgrade to 500Wh